SInfos 1.12 for Windows CE


SInfos 1.12 for Windows CE

SInfos 1.12 C++ 2004

Description :

It's a tray application who give various informations !!

Tray icon of SInfos change with information you display !

Features currently implented :</p>

Storage cards meter.

System meter (Program & storage memory, Memory Load,

Processor type and Windows CE version)

Battery meter (Main Battery meter, Backup state and AC Plug)

Save and Restore settings

Save : Mode (CF,System or Battery), Timer, Storage Card 1 and Storage Card 2 paths.
SInfos will restore them at startup

Downloading english version :

Include in the ZIP file :

ARM,MIPS,SH3,SH4 for HPC Pro (Windows CE 2.11) and ARM,MIPS for HPC 2000

SInfos 1.12

SInfos 1.12 Source Code